Hello, my name is Andrey,
and I'm a

Multi-disciplinary maker with 10+ years of combined IT experience. Can adapt to both self-starting and collaborative environments while staying focused on project goals.

In my spare time I like learning new technologies, visual production, and building my own projects.


Iron Dog, Inc (2012)
Iron Dog RDTS

Race Database Tracking System

PHP HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery Wordpress
Laravel Blog (2022)
Laravel Blog

Custom blog created with Laravel 9 and Tailwind CSS. Blog has authentication and other extra features.

Laravel Tailwind MySQL HTML CSS
Kings & Queens Production (2018)
Kings & Queens Production

WordPress plugin and theme customization

Wordpress HTML CSS JavaScript
My Portfolio Website (2021)
My Portfolio Website

Purely coded portfolio website with few plugins and custom light/Dark theme toggle.

HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery
Job Lister Website (2018)
Job Lister Website

Job lister website with options to search by category, add, edit, and delete listings.


Skill Set

Expertise and learning goals:

My strongest skills are PHP, SQL, HTML, and CSS. Runner ups are JS and Laravel. Also worked with libraries such as jQuery, Bootstrap, etc. As of today, getting more experience with Laravel and front-end frameworks like React and VueJS.

List of all the tehcnologies I ever worked with:

HTML, CSS, Flexbox/Grid, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, JavaScript, jQuery, React.js, Vue.js, PHP, Laravel, Composer, XAMPP, WordPress, SQL, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Cerner CCL, VBA, C#, Git, GitHub, Adobe CC Photoshop / Lightroom / Illustrator / Premiere Pro.

...skills can be taught, personality is inherent

PHP 80%
HTML 100%
CSS 90%
MySQL 80%
JavaScript 70%


Contact me

Let's make something great!

I currently work remotely with a selected freelance client base and open for new opportunities. If you’d like to chat about a project or just have question, please fill in the form below. I aim to get back within 2 days.

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